Sushmita Sen spills the beans on if she was going to marry Lalit Modi

Sushmita Sen, who is usually candid about her personal life, surprised fans by being silent about her rumoured affair with entrepreneur Lalit Modi. Despite Modi’s July 2022 social media post implying a love relationship and referring to her as his better half, Sen chose not to speak about their relationship publicly.

In a new Mid-Day interview, the actress revealed that she found herself laughing through this chapter.

When questioned whether she would get married to Lalit Modi, Sushmita Sen said, “If I was going to marry someone, I would be married to them. I don’t try. I either do it or I don’t.”

The actress added, “I just put out one post on Instagram because sometimes I think when people keep quiet, their silence is mistaken for weakness or fear. I just wanted to put out one post to let them know that I’m laughing. After that, I was done with it.”

Sushmita also said that people were calling her a gold digger while simultaneously monetizing their social media content related to her. This caused her to post an explanation stating she is in a good place and is not married or engaged. She wanted to address the situation, stating that memes and humor are one thing, but if somebody is being called a gold digger, it’s contradictory to monetize such posts.

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