Tori Spelling’s brother Randy praises actress amid divorce drama and financial woes

Tori Spelling’s brother, Randy Spelling, stands at her side as she deals with financial difficulties and health issues.

“We remain close, and I’m proud of her,” he said to People in an interview published on Monday. “I think she’s a very strong person. She is resilient.”

The siblings grew up in Los Angeles’ ritzy Bel Air area with their dad, late TV producer Aaron Spelling and mom, Candy Spelling.

The “Old-ish” podcast host, 44, told the outlet that as a child, he always “looked up” to his elder sister, 50, even if their age made bonding difficult at times.

“I just wanted my older sister. I looked up to her. I wanted to watch cartoons, she wanted to watch the news. I’m sure I annoyed the heck out of her,” he stated.

He added, “So it went from that to being close over the years in a different way. I think sometimes I’m big brotherly, sometimes there’s a beautiful equanimity. Sometimes, I’m still [a] little brother.”

The “Melrose Place” star has apparently been “struggling monetarily” as her financial issues intersect with health concerns and her breakup from Dean McDermott.

It’s still not where Tori and her kids now live, however, she briefly returned to work last month before being admitted to the hospital for an unknown condition.

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