Top scandals of Jonny Depp that changed his career

Johnny Depp has had an extensive acting career, however, this rise to fame has also been accompanied by major controversies that could jeopardize his tenure as one of the most important artists in the Hollywood industry.

And the thing is that the protagonist of films such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Sweeney Todd: the devilish barber of Fleet Street has not stopped giving something to talk about during these years because of their irreverence.


Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

It was in the 90s when Kate Moss met Johnny Depp, they met at the Taba bar. Months later, the couple would announce their engagement during a charity gala, but something that began to attract the attention of the world was the type of relationship that lovers had. one of the most controversial moments happened in one of the rooms of the New York hotel The Markse where in September 1994 Depp and Moss destroyed the room where they were staying. Later, the police arrived at the hotel and the photograph of Johnny Depp being arrested, wearing glasses and a wool hat, quickly went viral. Rumours soon emerged and it was even said that even the interpreter of Edward Scissorhands had assaulted Kate.


The actor came out to deny the rumours and among the various explanations he gave, he said that everything was the fault of an armadillo or that he was chasing a giant cockroach. Even so, he took care of the expenses.


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

One of the most recent controversies in Johnny Depp’s life was the public complaint made by his former partner Amber Heard a few years ago when accusing him of violence domestic. The actress also accused him in a Washington Post column and, following the publication in the newspaper, Depp, who denied hitting him, filed a defamation lawsuit against Heard and claimed $50 million in damages.

Amber’s lawyers have argued that the allegations referred to in the article are completely true and that she also has the right to express what she experienced while being in a couple with the actor.

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